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Microsoft Exchange Search allocates 100% CPU

Erstellt von Administrator am Samstag 12. Mai 2012


Exchange 2010 SP1 and process is chewing up 100% CPU

It is possible that there is a bug wiht the Default Mailbox DB 1234567980 (number randomly generated)



  • Stop the Microsoft.Exchange Search Indexer Service.
  • Delete (or move) the folder under Mailbox\(Database name)\CatalogData-…
    (The CatalogData folder holds the index catalog.)
  • Start the Microsoft.Exchange Search Indexer Service.

The CPU will stay at around 100% for 15 – 20 minutes while the index catalog rebuilds. A new CatalogData folder is created in your database folder. When this is complete, the CPU should drop down to the normal load.

Problem solved. The CPU is now steady around 5%